American Association of University Professors at The University of Texas at Austin. Twitter. Join AAUP.

Please contact Brian Evans if you are interested in advocating for academic freedom, tenure and other higher ed values in Texas.

Our advocacy is amplified by teaming with Texas AAUP, AAUP , Texas AFT, AFT, TACT, TFA, and other orgs.

AAUP@UT members are speaking for themselves as private citizens and not on behalf of any group, institution or organization.

AAUP@UT Applies for Chapter Status

On December 6th, AAUP@UT applied for official recognition as an AAUP Chapter. Per AAUP guidelines, all AAUP members affiliated with UT Austin voted on a slate of officers and by-laws. Vote was unanimous in favor. Next, the AAUP will verify that the conditions for a new chapter have been met and finally, the national AAUP Council will vote to approve the request.

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